Video: Gaza Besieged, Jews Divided, & a World in Pain: Gabor, Aaron, & Daniel Maté in Conversation

Some members of PASS are watching this roundtable discussion as part of a reading group. After more interest was expressed in this video, we've decided to send it out along with links to a few new documentaries.

This video features a roundtable discussion between Gabor, Aaron and Daniel Mate that was filmed in February 2024. In the video, the three answer questions surrounding the genocide in Gaza. This is a useful template for us to model our own dialogues — in a way that promotes truth and critical thinking.

Where Olive Trees Weep
About the film:

The film gives background to the current crisis in Israel/Palestine and brings to light the lives of people we met on our 2022 journey in the occupied West Bank. Their universally human stories speak of intergenerational pain, trauma and resilience.  We hope they touch your heart, stir compassion and understanding, and give rise to a pursuit for justice. For without justice, peace remains an empty slogan.

Cinema can be a powerful force for change.  Our aim is, beyond mere education, to truly move hearts and minds and inspire audiences to echo the calls for freedom, equality and dignity that have gone unanswered for far too long.

The film is our modest contribution towards our dream for an end to the occupation in Palestine, the attainment of equal rights and fair treatment for Palestinian people, and the spreading of healing for all intergenerational cycles of trauma in the region.

'The Night Won't End': Biden's War on Gaza
About the film:

From air strikes to field executions, Fault Lines investigates the killings of civilians by the Israeli military in Gaza and the role of the United States in the war.

As Israel’s bombing campaign continues in Gaza and the humanitarian crisis deepens to catastrophic levels, the Biden administration has not wavered in its support for Israel.

United States weapons transfers – from 2,000-pound bombs to artillery shells and tanks – have been a crucial part of the Israeli military campaign.

Fault Lines worked with journalists in Gaza to profile three families as they try to survive the war.

Together with AirwarsFault Lines also investigated an air strike on December 11 in north Gaza in which more than 100 people from the same family were killed.

Numerous attacks on civilians – including that on Hind Rajab and her relatives in late January – have raised international concern and questions over continuing US support.

Fault Lines partnered with Forensic Architecture and Earshot to investigate that attack.

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