PASS Endorsed Action This Saturday, May 11 in Seattle, WA

PASS Endorsed Action This Saturday, May 11 in Seattle, WA
(text and image taken from @super_uw on Instagram)

Westlake Park, Downtown Seattle | Sat, May 11 | 2pm

Join us in the streets as we honor the Palestinian day of struggle and fight against 7 months and 76 years of genocide, military occupation, and settler colonialism at the hands of the Zionist regime in Palestine.

More than ever, we must show out in force to demonstrate the power of the Palestinian struggle for liberation. Join us and help uplift 76 years of unified and steadfast resistance towards a free Palestine, from the river to the sea!

(text and image taken from @super_uw on Instagram)

Join the above PASS endorsed action this upcoming Saturday.

It was reported yesterday that President Biden will be in Seattle Friday, May 10th and Saturday, May 11th campaigning. Be aware of traffic delays.

Take a stand against current US policy – billions of US tax dollars being sent to Israel in military and economic aid and complicity of US corporations with government contracts that provide arms and technology used to perform military operations that have resulted in the deaths of at least 35,000 Palestinians in Gaza, with more than 14,500 being children.

More than 1.4 of Palestinians in Gaza have been displaced and have taken shelter in Rafah where a ground invasion is imminent. Israeli military forces have already invaded Rafah and seized control of the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt.

Keep an eye out for emergency actions being announced for Friday and other actions in response to the Rafah invasion.


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