March 12, 2024

March 12, 2024

1. Today, Tuesday, March 12th is the last day to vote in the Washington State Presidential primary. There is a national movement to vote Uncommitted Delegates WA as a challenge to Biden's support for the Israeli war on Gaza and to support a permanent cease fire and no more military aid to Israel.

If you have a ballot, you can select the ballot that says Democratic Party ballot and vote uncommitted. You need to check on the envelope Democratic Party but you don't have to be a Democrat beyond this vote.

Your ballot needs to be postmarked by 8 PM today. If you are not registered or don't have a ballot, you can go to the Thurston County courthouse complex, 2400 Evergreen Park DR SW, Olympia or where you live and register and vote until 8:00 PM. Please do so. This is part of a many pronged campaign to end US support for Israel's genocidal war. 

2. PASS is sponsoring the Rachel Corrie birthday memorial and Palestine solidarity event and will have a table there.


3. The next general meeting of PASS is Monday, March 18th, at 7 PM, at Friendship Hall of the YWCA, 220 SE Union. We will discuss future actions.

5. Our next Coordinating Committee meeting is Wednesday, March 13th from 5:45 to 7 PM at San Francisco Street Bakery, 1320 San Francisco St. NE, Olympia. The meetings are open.

  1. New PASS Logo:

Palestine Action of South Sound Guiding Principles

Basic Principles and Demands

1.Permanent Ceasefire Now
2. End of Israeli siege
3. No additional military aid to Israel, stop all transfer of weapons  
4. Release Palestinian political prisoners and Israeli hostages in Gaza
5. Immediate access to ALL Humanitarian Aid for Palestinians in Gaza
6. Stop ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in historic Palestine including Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem      
7. Challenge Islamophobia, antisemitism and anti-Palestinian racism

Broader & Longer Run Goals

1. End all military aid to Israel.                              
2. End the Israeli occupation of the West Bank including East Jerusalem. End the blockade and the ethnic cleansing of Gaza.                             
3. Self-determination for Palestinians
4. Anti-Zionism                 
5. Sustained support for BDS in Olympia and beyond (Boycott, Divest,  Sanctions) and oppose corporations collaborating with Israel                             
6. Equality for all people living in historic Palestine, i.e., Israel, the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza and the right of return by Palestinians.                            
7. Solidarity with indigenous community struggles for sovereignty, reparations, and self-determination at home and abroad. 


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